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“I wrote Secrets of a Superhost because I wanted to share my Airbnb secrets and help others become a Superhost, just like me.”
- Juls Rollnik


Award Winner - Australian Business Book Awards, Nov 22'

"Thank you for everything. You are Airbnb Royalty"

Jeff, California

How to become an Airbnb Rockstar

Secrets of a Superhost

2022-02-22 SecretsOfASuperhost-1.png

Part how-to guide, part inspiring memoir, Secrets of a Superhost offers the insights and practical advice you need to get started and flourish as an Airbnb host.

Juls Rollnik shares the secrets that led to rave reviews from her guests and made her Airbnb business a financial success. Step by step, she explores essential points such as:

  • Start with research and planning

  • Create the perfect 'home away from home' for your guests

  • Effective promotional ideas

  • Manage the pricing, the check-ins and check-outs

  • The all-important cleaning regime

  • The little extras that will make the stay memorable.


With honesty and warmth, Juls also tells of the life-changing event that catapulted her into running her own business, and her determination to make it thrive.

Filled with tips, first-hand experiences and humour, Secrets of a Superhost will delight and inspire you to become a Superhost too.

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Juls' YouTube Series

Watch Juls' 10 part Airbnb series, where she shares her secrets to help you become a Superhost so as to increase your Airbnb bookings and make your Airbnb more profitable.


Juls Rollnik

With a passion for excellence and sharing her Airbnb secrets, Juls Rollnik is a Superhost, author, property developer, and a mum. This is her story of how, by a twist of fate, she fell into and then embraced the world of Airbnb.

After her husband’s brush with death and faced with the prospect of raising two children alone, without an income, Juls embarked on a mission to find financial independence. Along the way she discovered that her uncanny ability to make people feel special and her desire to create a fabulous experience for her guests combined to make Juls a ‘kick ass’ rockstar Airbnb Superhost.


Juls takes you into the world of Airbnb hosting and shares the secrets she learned along the way to becoming the much loved host that she is.

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